Optimizing prosperity and quality of life on both sides of the US-Mexico border depends on cooperative efforts toward common goals. Utilizing economic and demographic data, The Perryman Group is analyzing relationships among states in both countries from an economic perspective, thus illustrating the enormous synergies that can be achieved through productive cooperation.

In addition, the project team is meeting with key leaders in border states in both the US and Mexico to explore potential areas for enhanced cooperation, as well as potential barriers. The analysis involves complex mathematical, statistical, and modeling efforts to determine capacities and needs in border states, and how those translate into synergies and opportunities.

The final report will offer an overview of historical economic and demographic patterns relevant to future progress in the border region. It will focus on an assessment of the economic outcomes which could be expected with potential cooperative initiatives, and a compilation of major themes emerging during the meetings with leaders. These include concerns, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and potential barriers to cooperative efforts.

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